Debra Quincy - Dirty Business Series

Author Debra Quincy

Thriller, Action & Adventure

Trinity Sisters Book

Dirty Business. The gripping new Trinity Sisters action thriller by Debra Quincy.

If you ever heard about Jack Reacher you should meet his sister! Just like Jack, she is merciless in her pursuit of truth and justice. Both Jack and Debra are loners, but Deb needs to find her lost family. And being in the way of a determined woman and her family reunion plan proves fatal for mafias, trafficking rings and corrupt Government officials.

If you like action thrillers you will LOVE Dirty Business!

When Debra violently was thrown out of a crashing Chinook-47 helicopter in the Afghan mountains as the only survivor and got captured by a Russian renegade warlord who wanted to kill her, she had no idea it was destiny forging a plan for her to meet a bunch of mad American lawless mercenaries who were meant to help her find her long lost family.

This is the story about Debra trying to find her sisters, one of them lost in trafficking. Even Fuckingham Palace is in danger when Debra and her sisters go hunting for perverts.

A warning!

Writing my story filtering out harsh words and cursing would make it into something it is not. This is a cruel story that can’t be told in a nice way using nice language. So, when you read it, be prepared the wording reflects the rough and Godless parts of the world where I lived and worked. Always the last outposts before hell. I am an eternal and merciless predator of truth! I don’t put nice words on shitty events.

So please – pardon my language…