I came into this world on Feb 20, 1987, alongside my two sisters. Our humble abode, a small rented house on the outskirts of London, was a testament to our impoverished existence. Mum, a survivor on public welfare, managed to make ends meet, a feat that I failed to fully grasp until I matured.

My earliest recollections are marred by the dysfunction that plagued our family. The man who intermittently occupied our home was no real father to me, and my disdain for him ran deep. His drunkenness, volatility, and explosive rage cast a dark shadow over our lives. We lived in perpetual fear, terrified of a man who was supposed to provide security but instead brought chaos.

He wasn’t always like this; there was a time when he seemed kind. Yet, those days had long dissipated. His violent outbursts targeted Mum, my sisters, and me. We navigated through the day cautiously, enjoying brief respites when he stumbled out of the house, only to have the peace shattered upon his return, intoxicated and enraged. His presence loomed over us like an inescapable nightmare.

I harbored hope that my real father would rescue us from this torment, but my dreams remained unfulfilled. The night we parted ways, leaving my sisters behind, remains etched in my memory with sorrow and pain. Mum left Len and Angel with friends before taking me to Heathrow Airport, bound for Korea, her homeland.

Tragically, fate dealt a cruel blow when my mother fell victim to a drunk man shortly after our arrival, delaying the reunion with my sisters for 19 years. I was six years old then, a lone soul in a harsh world, isolated like a rock on the moon.

I yearned for my sisters, and their absence left a void in my heart.

Following the tragedy, I shuffled between various members of my mother’s family, struggling to stay in one place for too long. The streets became my refuge as I grappled with the belief that forming attachments only led to heartache. Trust was a luxury I couldn’t afford, as everyone I loved seemed to be taken away.

I became a tough, self-reliant girl, navigating the challenging terrain of an almost impossible life. The streets were my home, a place where I lived, survived, and occasionally thrived. I joined the Double Dragon mafia, engaging in pickpocketing, trading guns, and dealing in antiques to make a living.

At 18, I returned to London, enlisting in the army and finding myself in the rugged terrains of Afghanistan. A helicopter crash in the mountains left me as the sole survivor, captured by a renegade Russian warlord. Rescue came unexpectedly, courtesy of Snyper and Goldie, inadvertently in Afghanistan for their own motives.

My journey led me to Santa Monica, where fate intervened, and I unexpectedly reunited with one of my sisters. Together, we embarked on a mission to rescue our third sister, trafficked to Albania. The journey involved confronting the Albanian mafia, dismantling their operations, and exposing a heinous auction of trafficked women in London. Our actions led to the incarceration of around 30,000 paedophiles and traffickers.

Despite facing challenges from corrupt authorities, our mission also unfolded with pleasant surprises.

Today, my life is a blend of seeking justice against traffickers, ensuring they face the consequences, and chronicling my adventures. I may not be the finest author, but my passion for fighting trafficking and sharing my stories burns brightly.



A special thank you to these people without whose assistance my project would have been impossible.

Dave Snyper for his eternal support.
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My Sisters:
Lenora, Angelica, Celestine, Rachel, Gerlinde, Alina, Agnesa.

My Brothers:
Dave (Snyper), John Smith Jr. (Psycho), Oliver Hardy (Coach), Marcus (Goldie), John Smith Senior (Psycho’s dad), Garcia, Gavin, Stanley, Piotr, Ian, Ambroos, Ghait, Jakub (Coop), Charlie Perri, Street Harry, Ardashir, Kwang-su, Seo-jun, Pierre.

My Parents:
Ahn Ji-young and Peter Vincent Quincy.



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