Ten Hours to Find Luca

by | Nov 21, 2023

When Luca’s mother Briana called time was already running out. When children are kidnapped the stats says if they aren’t found within 24 hours they are dead.

If we are talking Organ trafficking the stats say 90% chance the first day. 50% the next day. 40% after 3 days. 30% after 4 days. 20% after 5 days. 10% after 6 days. And after 7 days the chances are non existing.

When Brianna called at 10:00 the authorities had wasted 7 days! So chances were slim to none!

10:05 we were on our way to the airport. We couldn’t afford to waste even one single minute.

Here is the game plan as things played out.


10:00 Luca’s mom Briana calls
10:05 Off to Mexico City – Emergency
14:30 Hotel The Alest
15:00 Len & Psycho Arrives.
15:15 Wes, Rachel & Garcia Arrives
15:30 Psycho & Goldie introducing The Butcher
15:45 Dad and his friends arrive.
16:00 Game plan at the hotel Alest.
17:00 The Raid of 15 locations
18:00 Shoot out on the dead factory
20:00 Searching the Landfill
22:00 Emergency Room ten hours later

09:00 Tracking the Buyer – Visiting Police station
09:15 Extracting info from Leon the lion. Getting info on Ignacio
09:30 Debra gets shot at
11:00 Relocating to the Mountains
12:00 Camp ready
13:30 Landfill to get the address on the safehouse
14:30 Safehouse takedown
16:00 Guerilla war in the mountains. Ramon goes down
18:00 Sniper appears
20:00 Psycho bugs Ignacio’s house
21:00 Listening in on Ignacio – surveillance
02:00 Landing on the Amaryllis – Getting info on Mancini
04:00 Grounding Amaryllis
05:00 Sleep
09:00 The Fall of Banamex
12:00 Back at The Alest
13:00 Off to Sicily

11:00 Next stop Sicily
14:00 Catania. Refugee camp
18:00 Ikemba’s apartment
22:00 Me & Dave – Doc One
22:00 Angel & Coach – Doc Two
22:30 Len & Psycho – Doc One’s son
23:00 Nigerian Mafia Mr Durojaiye goes down
24:00 Sleep

09:00 Leaving Catania
15:00 Arrival Castel Volturno
15:30 Relax anD plan raid
21:00 Castel Volturno Raid – Black Out
23:00 Park on the beach
01:00 Liberating Rose & Aria on the yacht
02:00 Night Fight – Houses of Pleasure
03:00 Off to Rome Dave drives Deb sleeps
04:00 Romero goes down
05:00 The Boyscouts
06:00 Finding Aurel
07:00 Freemasons
08:30 Sleep

Thursday :
12:00 Tour Dark Web
13:00 The Vatican Bank
14:00 Street Fight
16:00 Ponte Della Musica Swim
19:00 Arp at the Disco
20:00 The Catacombs
21:00 Underground Studio
22:00 Emergency Room
23:00 Mancini
24:00 Sleep

13:00 Home Sweet Home – waiting

Sunday 2 weeks later
14:00 Celestine

Thursday : still Rome
12:00 Tour Dark Web
13:00 The Vatican Bank
16:00 Ponte Della Musica
19:00 Arp at the Disco
20:00 The Catacombs
21:00 Underground Studio
22:00 Emergency Room
23:00 Mancini
24:00 Sleep

13:00 Home Sweet Home – waiting

Sunday 2 weeks later
14:00 Celestine

We found Luca in Mexico City 9 and a half hours after Briana’s phone call.

We have the money and the resources and we have the skills and a lot of training. We also have a lot of experience from taking traffickers and paedophiles down. We are also very passionate about fighting trafficking.

My sister Angel was trafficked from London to Albania. Len was abused by our drunk step father for 10 years and I was serial raped in a cabin on a God forsaken stone cold mountain by 15 rebels who hadn’t seen a shower for a month.

We are not doing this for free though. Trafficking means a shit load of money. In every link of the chain. The traffickers pay for our work. That’s fair! We take everything they own. We seize everything they own, Cars, boats, houses, land etc. We empty their bank accounts and make sure they are homeless before we hand them over to the authorities. We don’t want them to be able to hire smart lawyers.

For our own security and to prevent possible future victims from getting snatched, we cripple them financially so they get put away for as long as possible.

Trinity Sisters Dirty Business Stop Trafficking

If you ever heard about Jack Reacher you should meet his sister!

Just like Jack, Debra is merciless in her pursuit of truth and justice. Both Jack and Debra are loners, but Deb needs to find her lost family. And being in the way of a determined woman proves fatal for mafias, trafficking rings and a few Government officials.

This is the story about Debra trying to find her sisters, one of them lost in trafficking. And there is a lot of cleaning to do. An Albanian trafficking ring, the Serbian mafia and even Fuckingham Palace are in danger when Deb goes hunting.

What They Say:

“The best book ever! I was very happy to have the honour of doing the preface!”

Dave Snyper
Dont Fuck With Daddy

As a former soldier I am impressed by Debra’s story. I read the entire book in 3 hours just to start all over an read it again!

Glenn Miller

I was mesmerized and properly educated. Dirty Business is the most capturing book I have read.


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