Dirty Business – Dedicated Passion

by | Oct 18, 2023

Countless moons have cast light upon my nightly adventures, marking the passage of time, and in their silent dance, I poured my heart into the pages of “Dirty Business.” It was a labour of six long years, six years filled with passion, pain, and unyielding determination. A year has slipped away since I dared to share those raw, unfiltered emotions with the world.

Now, as I immerse myself in the ink-stained tapestries of the second and third books in the series, I confess: my tales aren’t intricately woven fantasies spun from whimsy. No, they are something far more profound. They are the echoes of real lives, the cries of the silenced, woven meticulously into the fabric of fiction. Each word is a thread of truth, each page a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

In every line, I see the faces of those who have suffered, the voices that have been stifled, and the souls that have endured. Their stories, though masked in the guise of fiction, are achingly real. Each sentence bears the weight of their struggles, their triumphs, and their unwavering hope for a better tomorrow.

With every stroke of the pen, I breathe life into characters inspired by the brave souls I’ve encountered on this journey. Their pain is my pain, their strength fuels my determination. For in these pages, I find solace, purpose, and the unwavering belief that storytelling can spark a revolution of empathy, compassion, and understanding.

So, as I continue to weave these narratives, I do so with a heart heavy with the burden of truth and a spirit lifted by the power of storytelling. In every chapter, I strive to honour the resilience of those whose stories deserve to be told, even in the guise of fiction. Their courage guides my pen, their voices echo in my words, and their legacy lives on in the pages of my books.

Whit heartfelt gratitude this particularly applies to the silent voices who are no longer among us.

Trinity Sisters Dirty Business Stop Trafficking

If you ever heard about Jack Reacher you should meet his sister!

Just like Jack, Debra is merciless in her pursuit of truth and justice. Both Jack and Debra are loners, but Deb needs to find her lost family. And being in the way of a determined woman proves fatal for mafias, trafficking rings and a few Government officials.

This is the story about Debra trying to find her sisters, one of them lost in trafficking. And there is a lot of cleaning to do. An Albanian trafficking ring, the Serbian mafia and even Fuckingham Palace are in danger when Deb goes hunting.

What They Say:

“The best book ever! I was very happy to have the honour of doing the preface!”

Dave Snyper
Dont Fuck With Daddy

As a former soldier I am impressed by Debra’s story. I read the entire book in 3 hours just to start all over an read it again!

Glenn Miller

I was mesmerized and properly educated. Dirty Business is the most capturing book I have read.


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