Vigilante Series – Dirty Business

Book One

Destination unknown, Debra found herself on a runaway train through hell, facing a battleground of challenges, she did the only thing she could. Survive.

Amidst chaotic darkness, where every step felt like a dark stormy endless nightmare, Deb waged war to rescue her kidnapped sister. Despite overwhelming odds, she remained the last woman standing on the battleground of trafficking, a symbol of resilience and defiance against the facts of life in this Dirty Business: One wrong move with a gun to your head and you will be left for dead.

Deb, the rogue loner, found herself in a far cry from the ordinary, walking the line between being still alive and painful certain death, fighting for justice and freedom. Not for herself. For her sister and everyone else who had fallen victim to the horrendous crime of trafficking.

The impact of the crusade against her sisters’ kidnappers reverberated through her, leaving her grappling with the truth that in this far away from normalcy, being still alive was both a curse and a blessing.

Deb emerged in a world starkly distant from the ordinary, striding the delicate balance between the pulsating beats of life and the looming spectre of excruciating demise. Her journey, a relentless pursuit of justice and redemption, transcended personal motives. It became a poignant quest, fuelled not only by a desire to find her sister but to champion the countless souls ensnared in the abhorrent clutches of trafficking, turning her anguish into a fervent determination to be a beacon of hope amid the darkness.


Hard Crash on Kohe Mondi

Kohe Mondi is a mountain in Afghanistan. It is 20,499 ft above sea level. It is friggin cold up there!

2011. We were on a high risk flight right south of Kabul to reinforce a highly specialized JSOC unit that had a group of Taliban fighters in a compound in Tangi Valley under surveillance, and my job was to make sure radio communication was up and running during the op. American Intelligence had reason to believe the Taliban leader Qari Tahir was there so we had seventeen US Navy Seals on board ready to engage the Taliban and possibly capture Tahir.

But 30 secs from the LZ we were hit by a heat seeker and crashed.

I was taken prisoner, not by the Taliban but a renegade Russian platoon that operated on their own behalf stealing weapons from the Russian camps as they were leaving the battlefield for good.

Spent 14 days in a shit cold cabin with a net of natural tunnels nearby.


They raped me and beat me up so I had to skip my candidacy for the 2011 Pretty Face Award.

They would have killed me if it weren’t for three American mercenaries who also found it lucrative to steal Russian weapons and sell them all over the world.

One of them is a sniper, the other a helo pilot and the third happily married to his AK-47.

My family was torn apart when I was 5 years old. Never had a real Dad and Mum died a year later in Korea. My two sisters disappeared in London where we lived at that time. Lenora and Angelica.

I became lonely as a moon rock.

Lived, shit, ate and stole on the streets of Seoul for years until I was adopted by the Korean Mafia – which wasn’t bad. My patreon became my step father.

Always dreamed about finding my sisters again so 15 years later I went back to London, joined the military, went to Afghanistan and ended up on that God forsaken mountain. 

I became part of the team that rescued me and we did a lot of merc jobs. But I still missed my sisters. A lot!

To this day I still can’t comprehend how and why destiny forged a set of circumstances that made sure Lenora and I met in Santa Monica. Within 24 hours we were on a plane trying to find Angelica.

We found her in Albania after killing The Hellbanianz who ruled the London underground selling drugs they ‘imported’ from Columbia, half the Albanian mafia and a dozen corrupt officials in Vlöre.

With the entire network of traffickers, distributers and paedophiles ALL over the world we made sure the authorities were able to arrest somewhere around 30,000 people. Mostly men but sadly also women. 

Vigilante Series – Lethal Business

Book Two – Free!

Debra Quincy - Lethal Business Book -Vigilante Justice Dirty Business

hat stupid son of a bitch hit me in right the face. And it hurt. However, I managed to duck a little and eliminate most of the impact, but my head was just above the edge of the Tricycle’s behind so I couldn’t duck anymore without my chin ramming the back edge of this weird, motorized bike.

It is also called a Tuk Tuk. They are used as small taxis here.

His punch somewhat delayed me, but I was max determined to board this micro-cab and ask the passenger a question. Was pretty sure she wasn’t here voluntarily

The passenger was a girl approximately 7 years old and twenty seconds ago she didn’t exactly look happy about being grabbed and dragged into the back of this Tricycle.

So, I repressed the pain while running and holding on to this minicab as it rushed through the crowd, and I managed to jump while my left leg speeded forward heading for the face of the man who just hit me.

Impact successful! I introduced his nose to the sole under my shoe, while another man – well a boy in fact, not more than 15 years old, began throwing rolling punches at my poor skull. Looked like he had some Muay Thai behind him, but luckily for me, he had absolutely no power in his punches.


But I was on board! So, I grabbed him and to my delight, he wasn’t heavier than the grocery bags I carry home from the supermarket back home. I managed to quickly throw him overboard and unfortunately for him, he collided with quite a few fruit boxes on his way to an intimate date with the pavement.

At this point, the man who enjoyed the close encounter with my foot had recovered enough to re-engage me. He tried to launch one more punch. But this time I didn’t have to focus on climbing the bike as I was on board already and his attempt to throw a punch only resulted in his high-speed exit from this funny vehicle and a seriously heavy impact with a road sign, a few fruit baskets and at last the asphalt where he tumbled around in a mix of exotic vegetables.

The perp behind the wheel of the Tuk Tuk managed to speed up even though there were thousands of people in the marketplace. He musta tried this before.

Luckily, the driver of this tin can was the last I had to throw overboard.

But what seemed to be an easy task got slightly more complicated as he suddenly waved a knife in my direction. But to my luck, it was an insurmountable task for him to drive straight and at the same time defend his back.

Grabbing his arm with my right hand and his head with my left changed the situation to my advantage as I dragged him back over the seat while the Tricycle in an uncontrolled state speeded through a few clothing stands.

I took his knife.

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